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WingsRC.com is dedicated to: All things radio controlled. Information for the RC hobbyist, do it your self projects, product information and much more.

About This Website and Who We Are.

This website is owned and operated by JEMKE Marketing, St. Petersburg Florida.

Our business is the creation and operation of e-commerce websites and blogs. For a current listing of our sites for sale or about to become for sale go to www.jemke.com.

We have established strong relationships with various brands and providers of goods and services that we recommend on this site. You can feel secure in the knowledge that if we recommend a product or service it has been fully tested and evaluated by us and found to be of exceptional value.

Our newsletters and or special offer emails are never sent unsolicited and are only sent to our customers and members who ask to receive them. Please contact us if you feel that you have received email or other communication from us that you did not request.

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